I would recommend them to ANYONE. Deborah was brilliant altogether.

She’s the sonographer and is the main one there. It was €160 which is pricey but we are both delighted that we spent the money now!

She checked EVERYTHING, fingers and toes, heart chambers, aorta and vena cava!, umbilical cord, size of brain, length of legs, nuchal test for down syndrome, the stomach (babs was swallowing at the time!), the kidneys, the lips -everything! And she explained everything really well. it was great altogether.

The baby wasnt in the right position for the normal side profile photos so she gave me choc and said to go for 15min walk, but it didnt work, then she gave me coke (cos once the sugar hits the blood stream it sometimes gets the baby moving) but that didnt work! so she said to go for walk around again and have some dinner and she’d try again.

so she tried THREE separate times to get us the right shots! and it eventually worked! Id say we got about 40mins altogether! We got some print outs and a dvd with lots of photos and clips on it. I cant stop watching the little videos now! briiiiiiiiiiiiiilliant! its amazing to see how perfectly perfectly formed everything is – and it still has 20 more weeks of growing! we got lots of clips of the baby yawning and doing lots of stretching and arching its back, and kicking its legs and opening and closing its hands! its incredible altogether.

Anyway – I checked on here for advice on where to book so just wanted to let you know of the great experience we had with deborah. She was so patient to take the time to make sure we got the photos we should have. TEN OUT OF TEN.

P.S. – this scan will also let you find out sex of the baby. we didnt want to find out…