Welcome to Night School at Inchicore College of Further Education.

We aim to provide an interesting range of courses and to support our community, one class at a time. Thank you to every person who booked a night class with us this past year. We appreciate your support.

Classes are now available to book online. If you booked a class with us last year, you must log on to your night school account that you created last year to book your classes for this Autumn.

New students will click the enrol and pay icon on the website page of the class they wish to sign up for this term. New students will then fill out an application form as step one in the enrolment process. This creates your student account for you and your log in details, for future reference, will be sent to the email that you enter on the form. You will then be taken to a secure external server as step two of the process to proceed with payment. The FAQ and terms and conditions page on our night school website provide you with lots of information for any questions you may have. If you have any questions that cannot be answered there, please do email me and I will do my best to help.

The Autumn term re-starts on Monday, September 12th and Tuesday, September 13th. Government guidelines on Covid-19, in operation at that time, will be followed.

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Linda Higgins
Linda Higgins

Director of Adult Education: Linda Higgins
01 454 5507  (Term time only. Please call the main office on 01-453-5358 with queries or email us).


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