Health and Wellbeing Week January 2023

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Health and Wellbeing Week January 2023

The theme of the Health & Wellbeing week is ‘Empowering Our Health & Wellbeing‘.
We will be posting the schedule of all activities, talks and workshops here soon.
In the meantime, here a selection of what will be on during the week:


  • Monday 12pm: Panel Discussion Webinar with CDETB Psychological Services, Jigsaw (Youth Mental Health), CDETB Curriculum Development Unit discussing ‘How the CDETB FET Sector Supports Health & Wellbeing’


  • Tuesday 11.00am, Rm 30: Panel Discussion with St Patrick’s Athletics’ FA goalie, David Odumosu and ICFE graduate and Citywide Sports Officer, Robert Abbey will discuss how to and the benefits of ‘Staying Fit & Healthy To Maintain A Busy & Successful Career’


  • Tuesday 1pm, Rm 30: Nutritionist, Caroline Seale will give a talk on ‘Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips for Good Physical & Mental Health’ 
  • Wednesday 11.00am: Business & HR L6 students are hosting Fun ‘2 Km Run/Walk’


  • Wednesday 12.00pm, Hall: Business & HR L6 students are hosting ‘Food Tasting & Fun Games’
  • Wednesday 12.30am, Rm 1: Business & HR providing ‘Reflection & Relaxation’


  • Wednesday 1.15pm, Rm 23: Nurse & Teacher, Margaret Noonan will give a talk on ‘Let’s Keep It Real: The Effects of Alcohol on our Sexual Health’ 
  • Wednesday 2.00pm Rm 25:  Applied Psych L6 will host ‘Introduction to Meditation’


  • Thursday 10am, Room 6: Applied Psych L6 will host ‘The Power of Life Hacks’ 


  • Thursday 11.00 – 1 pm , Hall: Business & HR will host ‘ How To Work, Rest & Play’  


  • Thursday 1.00pm, Rm 30: Applied Psych L6 will host ‘Meditation for Studying & Exams’ 


  • Friday 11.00am, Rm 30: Grace Sheridan & Danielle Griffin from ‘Conscious Wellbeing’ will deliver a workshop on ‘How to Gently Welcome in 2023 with Intention Setting, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Breathwork’  (Please RSVP if you are interested in this Workshop as spaces may be limited)
  • Friday 1.00pm, Rm 30:  App Psych L6 will host ‘Music for Wellness’, How Music can support our Wellbeing, including Music Bingo