Yoga Nidra & Relaxation

Yoga Nidra & Relaxation

Yoga Inchicore College

Yoga Nidra & Relaxation
Tuesdays 7:30pm – 9pm

Cost: €100

Yoga Nidra is progressive deep relaxation and focuses on the healing benefits this can produce. Meditation is a technique and practice of calming the mind & emotions and developing inner stillness, clarity and more peace.

The benefits of meditation are physical as well as subtle. These sessions will incorporate breath work, gentle preparatory exercises, guided meditation, resting poses and deep relaxation.

This class is suitable for everyone – Especially beneficial for stress relief & recovery from illness or injury and of course, promoting a good night’s sleep!

Students need to bring their own blanket, towel and/or cushion to class. Mats will be provided.

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