Yoga Flow Level 1

Yoga Flow Level 1


Tuesdays 6pm – 7:25pm

Cost: €100 (*please see VAT note below)

The foundational practices of yoga including breathwork, flowing dynamic postures & relaxation. Learn and build on your basics for better fitness and flexibility, strengthening weak postural muscles and fantastic for clearing the mind & managing stress.

Please note: this will be a flowing class Students need to bring their own blanket, towel and or small cushion to class – Mats will be provided.

Although this class is suitable for beginners it is not for extremely restricted mobility.
Please attend Yoga Nidra for more extreme mobility restrictions.

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VAT: Please note that fees may be subject to vat @ 23% VAT. Discussions are ongoing with the Revenue Commissioners and once has a decision has been made the cost of each course will be finalised.