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Student Stories

Student Success Stories

Your story is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your particular interests, needs, and aspirations. Read on for stories of real students who know this first-hand, and get inspired to create your own student success story! Just click on a student’s name below to read their story.

Jane Gobbet
Jane's Story
Nursing Studies
Paul Doyle
Paul's Story
Advanced Dance
Najat Abdinassir
Najat's Story
Social Studies
Emma Hopkins
Emma's Story
Art Portfolio Course


Jill Sartini
Jill's Story
Costume Design & Make-Up
Audrey Devlin
Audrey's Story
Business Studies Diploma Level 6+
Lisa Bryan
Lisa's Story
Healthcare Supervisory Management
Eamonn Hegarty
Eamonn's Story
Healthcare Support – Paramedic Course


David & Niamh
David & Niamh's Story
Creative Writing and Cultural Studies
Orlaith White
Orlaith's Story
Sport and Fitness Management Diploma
Louise Gibbons
Louise's Story
Sport and Exercise Science Diploma
Aine Foley
Aine's Story
Travel and Tourism Diploma


Catherine O’Donnell
Catherine's Story
Furniture Design and Making
Lorna O’Connor
Lorna's Story
Returning to Education
Michele Ann Kelly
Michele's Story
Theatre Studies: Performance
Jason Craig
Jason's Story
Social Care Diploma

Jane Gobbet
Nursing Studies - Level 5

“The Nursing Studies course is everything I expected and more! The teachers are so approachable and they helped guide me through every step of the way! I also got to spend three weeks on Erasmus+ in Sweden, which was a fantastic experience. After graduating I was offered places in three universities, one in Ireland and two in the UK. I have also obtained a job in a Nursing Home as a fully qualified Care Assistant.”

Jane is currently studying for a BSc (Hons) in Nursing (General and Children’s Integrated Nursing) in Dublin City University.

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Paul Doyle
Paul Doyle
Advanced Dance - Level 6

“The work ethic I learned in Inchicore and the passion of the tutors for us all to succeed to our full potential has helped guide me on my career path.

I am now doing my dream job, which is working as a Lecturer in Dance Education for the Royal Academy of Dance’s Faculty of Education in London. I also manage the faculty’s biggest teacher training programme, the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.

I am currently the only Irish member on the Royal Academy of Dance’s panel of examiners. I will always look back fondly at the sweat, time and tears shed during my years at Inchicore College.”

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Najat Abdinassir
Social Studies - Level 5

“I had just completed school and knew I was interested in the social care area. I was kind of nervous starting a new course but once I met all the teachers and got an introduction to the modules I was excited to start. I found the modules informative and interesting while the teachers were all very helpful and approachable.

An important part of the Social Studies course is the work placement, mine was in the area of intellectual disabilities, I found it rewarding and it confirmed this is where I wish to work in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to study, or pursue a career in this area. After successfully graduating I progressed on to the HND in Social Care here in Inchicore College.”

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Emma Hopkins
Art Portfolio Course

“The college as a whole was so welcoming, from the tutors to the staff in the canteen.

The tutors were so encouraging and supportive, and I really feel they invested a lot of extra time and energy in helping me progress and succeed on completing the course.

It was great to be in a creative and positive environment, gaining new friendships with like minded people.”

Emma gained a place in IADT.

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Jill Sartini
Costume Design & Make-Up - Level 5 & 6

The course’s reputation was a key factor in choosing to study at ICFE. The course is aimed at delivering couture standard garments and the work flow is fast paced, as this is the level you need to work to in the costume industry.

I loved Construction and Pattern Drafting. The course really gave me an insight into how garments had to be properly made and cut. It was great to design costumes for a play with a professional director. This element really shows how team work is needed to get on in the industry.

The teachers are so passionate about what they teach, so each class you attend, you feel enthusiastic to learn and to attend class. I have made some wonderful friends from attending ICFE, some of which I know I will be in contact with for the rest of my life.

Since leaving college, I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on a variety of diffe-ent productions from, RTE’s TV & dramas, Rebellion, Blood, Bernard Dunne’s Mystical Heros & Bright Sparks. History Channels Vikings, AMC Into the Badlands, Various Netflix Action and Drama feature films, TV Adverts. TG4 documentary drama films and numerous Independent feature films and shorts.

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Audrey Devlin
Business Studies Diploma Level 6+

“As a mature student who had been out of the education system for some years, it was quite a daunting and nerve racking to be returning. However, looking back now I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. During my time at ICFE, I received great encouragement from all the tutors.

I would recommend to anyone thinking of returning to education to simply “take the plunge” at Inchicore College. You won’t be disappointed. Amazing place, small class sizes, brilliant tutors and an altogether fantastic experience.

Not only did I receive my diploma but I also received confidence in my ability and am now completing my final year of a business degree.”

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Healthcare Supervisory Management - Level 6
Lisa Bryan
Healthcare Supervisory Management - Level 6

“I attended the ICFE Healthcare Supervisory Management course as a mature student. I found the tutors to be approachable and supportive. I built positive relationships with staff and peers and really engaged in the college community, which increased my self-confidence.

The variety of modules offered allowed me to develop my skills in group work and work experience. The course taught me how to multi-task while focusing on my study and career goals. The course and tutors allowed me to realise my potential.

I am currently a Junior Freshman at Trinity College Dublin studying Social Work. The majority of modules I completed in ICFE are relevant to my present course and I’m on my way to achieving my career as a social worker.”

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Eamonn Hegarty
Healthcare Support – Paramedic Course - Level 5

“I was accepted to study paramedic science in Anglia Ruskin University in the Cambridge campus. My previous studies in Inchicore really helped me to get this place as it is a very competitive course with over 2000 people applying and only 20 spaces on the Cambridge site and 80 in Chelmsford. The lectures and assignments I did in Inchicore have set me up well for my studies this year. They gave me a great foundation and I feel much more confident in my writing and study skills now as a result.”

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Creative Writing and Cultural Studies

David Swaine & Niamh Brunell
Creative Writing and Cultural Studies - Level 5

David Swaine

“I want your Job.” David left ICFE with the intention of returning one day as a teacher. After completing a degree in Humanities through St Patricks College DCU, he did a Higher Diploma in Further Education in Maynooth, followed by a masters degree in Irish Writing. David currently runs an evening class in creative writing, as well as working full time as the education facilitator in Pieta House.

Niamh Brunell

“I loved my time at Inchicore College. I always felt like I mattered when I was there. I always felt that the staff had a genuine interest in me and wanted to help me achieve my potential.” After Inchicore, Niamh did a mature student access course in Pearse College, followed by a Degree in Visual and Critical studies in DIT, Mountjoy Square. She is currently deputy manager in Jigsaw, Arnotts.

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Orlaith White
Sport and Fitness Management Diploma Level 6+

“The tutors are professional, experienced and honest! The course literally sets you up for employment in the leisure industry once you walk out the door. It’s very rare to get that in a course nowadays.

While applying to gyms for this internship, Osprey Leisure Club hired me as a Fitness Professional as I had already completed NCEF, Lifeguard Level 2 & Occupational First Aid through Inchicore College.

The decision of going to Inchicore was one of my best life decisions. The friends you make at ICFE will be for life and you won’t fully appreciate the experience until you’ve left! So enjoy every minute.”

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Louise Gibbons
Sport and Exercise Science Diploma Level 6+

“While in Inchicore I became a more confident person and learned to believe in my abilities. The staff were very approachable and didn’t mind taking that extra bit of their own time to help me out and keep me on track. I got to take part in a work placement at a physiotherapy clinic. The skills I learned in the course really showed through and helped me secure a part-time job in the clinic.

Currently I am in my second year of Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy at IT Carlow, this is a very popular course at the Institute. On completion of my Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy in IT Carlow I will be applying to do a postgraduate physiotherapy course in UCD.”

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Aine Foley
Travel and Tourism Diploma Level 6+

“The Tutors and staff of ICFE were more than helpful in bringing me to where I am today. We got to organise ICFE open day, participated in the Academy of Aviation courses, got first-hand experience of tours around Ireland and had talks from some of the top people in the Industry.

Since graduating I have continued my education by securing 2nd year entry into International Hospitality Management In Dublin Institution of Technology.

Now, I am proud to say, I’m in 3rd year and have secured my Internship in Ireland’s most popular destination spot ‘The Guinness Storehouse’. Since starting at ICFE, I haven’t looked back.”

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Catherine O’Donnell
Furniture Design and Making - Level 5

“The teachers are patient, involved and interested in how their students are progressing. The introduction to Woodwork is new and exciting for me. Learning how to use new tools is challenging but so rewarding. The teachers explain each step, what is expected and when projects are due to be completed which enhances the student to teacher professional relationship.”

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Lorna O’Connor
Returning to Education (Part-time) - Community Care Level 5

“I am in the second year of the Social Care Diploma. The Return to Education course helped me immensely with my assignments and academic skills. I really enjoyed the many modules we did ranging from Human Growth & Development to practical subjects such as Word Processing which was such a help for writing assignments.

I met so many great people with whom I am still friends. Some have continued their studies and others have gone into employment. RTL has been a very memorable year and one I won’t forget.”

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Michele Ann Kelly
Theatre Studies: Performance - Level 5

“The atmosphere in the college was relaxed and friendly, and the faculty and extended members of staff were open and supportive throughout my time at ICFE. The subjects on the course gave me a solid grounding in the history of drama which was complemented by the practical (hands-on) learning across acting for theatre and film, script writing and devising for theatre as well as directing techniques.

I completed my diploma with distinctions at ICFE and in August of that same year I began a Master’s Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I have since established a theatre company with NUIG colleagues.”

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Jason Craig
Social Care Diploma Level 6+

“I graduated from Inchicore in September 2017. I moved from Limerick to pursue my Higher National Diploma In Health and Social Care at Inchicore CFE.

I cannot recommend this course enough to students with an interest in the caring professions. The modules were diverse but I found that they all interconnected with my placement. I found the lecturers really approachable and the college environment very friendly. The course offers excellent employment and further educational opportunities and has set me on my way to a career in the caring profession.”

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