Spanish for Beginners

Spring 2024, Spanish for improvers, level 1.


Tuesday: Spanish for improvers, level 1
Time: 7.30pm-8.45pm
Start: 09.01.24
Duration: 8 weeks (No class on 13.02.24)
Fee: €85
Notes: Pen and paper/ tablet, if you wish to take some notes.


This builds on from our beginners class. Over these eight weeks you will continue to build upon these skills and continue to work on your fluency over a range of subject areas. If you have not done our beginners class but know that your skillset is above that of a beginners class, then this is the right level for you.


-Express desires and plans for the future, Sequence future activities, Express a future project, Ask and give cultural information, Ask for the veracity of information, Talk about personal relationships, Show interest for someone and his or her life, Describe people and places, Judge and evaluate, Tell stories, Correct erroneous information, Give and ask for opinions, Advise/Recommend/Suggest, Persuade and convince, Express agreement and disagreement with part of what another has said, Express doubt and distrust, Express uncertainty/probability/certainty, Suggest activities and reacting to suggestions, Offer and ask for help, accepting and rejecting it, React to information or a story with expressions of interest, surprise, joy, sorrow, etc. Invite and offer something, accept and reject invitations and offers, Apologize for invitations, delays, Request information by telephone


-Verb Tenses (Tense review), Reflexive verbs, Verbal periphrases to express probability: – deber (de) / tener que + infinitive, Verbs + preposition (alegrarse de, estar harto de, estar harto de…), Verbs expressing change of mood (ponerse nervioso, dar miedo, enfadarse…), Present subjunctive, Uses of “SER y ESTAR” (Review), Temporal markers, Beginning and duration of an action (ago, since, since, since), Actions that happened only once (un día, una vez, aquel día …), Actions that happened with a certain frequency (usualmente, casi nunca…), Expressing a project in the future (dentro de, en el transcurso de …), Links/discourse connectors, Prepositions to narrate events in the past (a + definite article + amount of time + de + infinitive), IDIOMS/EXPRESSIONS/REFRAINS USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE, EMAILS/LETTERS. FORMAL AND INFORMAL.


-Distinctive elements of oral and written communication. Formal, standard, informal, (Level B1/B2/C1)


-Daily life, Living conditions: standards and quality of life, Personal relationships: social structure, family structure and relationships, intergenerational relationships, Values, beliefs and attitudes: professional groups, regional cultures, national identity, politics, the arts, wealth, income and inheritance, humor, Body language, Social conventions: conventions and taboos regarding behavior and conversations, Ritual behavior in areas such as: family ceremonies and events, public and private celebratio

Fun activities will make this a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Your tutor is a native Spanish speaker and she is looking forward to sharing information with you through Spanish about Spanish music, culture, traditions, and food.

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About your tutor: Clara Díaz

Clara Díaz is originally from Seville, Spain. She has travelled to work as a Spanish language teacher internationally. She has worked with all ages from teen to adults.

Clara believes that the best way to learn a language is to have fun and speak it often. She will create a safe and fun environment so that you can feel confident as you work on your speaking and listening skills.

Clara Díaz

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