Theatre Productions: The Tempest

This show has been produced by Inchicore College of Further Education, performed by the students of Theatre Studies-Performance, designed by the Technical Theatre Department, costumes designed by Students of Costume Design and with technical support (lighting, sound, stage management and set construction) by students of Technical Theatre.

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tempest_055 tempest_089 tempest_103 2014-the-tempest-01 2014-the-tempest-02 2014-the-tempest-03 2014-the-tempest-04 2014-the-tempest-05 2014-the-tempest-06 2014-the-tempest-07 2014-the-tempest-08 2014-the-tempest-09 2014-the-tempest-10 2014-the-tempest-11 2014-the-tempest-12 2014-the-tempest-13 2014-the-tempest-14 2014-the-tempest-15 2014-the-tempest-16 2014-the-tempest-17 2014-the-tempest-18 2014-the-tempest-19 2014-the-tempest-20 prospero tempest_002 tempest_020