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Pilates for Sports People – BOOKINGS CLOSE THIS WEEKEND (19th September)

Tuesday: Pilates for Sports People
Time: 8.00pm-9.00pm
Start: 21.09.2021
Duration: 10 weeks (No class on 26.10.2021)
Fee: €90
Notes: Students need their own mats.


This specialist Pilates class is aimed specifically at sports people. So, whether you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, or any other type of sports person, this is the class for you. This class will utilise Pilates principles to help you gain an effective cross-training approach to your sport and fitness. A conscious awareness and development of the core is an essential tool for improving your performance in your chosen sport. Each sport has its unique technical features and in this class you can discover how to use the principles of Pilates to explore and develop methods that will enhance your efficiency in your chosen sport. While working in a supportive group setting and under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher, you will be able to focus on your individual goals. This is your year!

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About your tutor: Sharon McHugh

We are thrilled to have the wonderful, and in demand, Sharon McHugh to guide you on your Pilates journey. Sharon teaches Pilates in corporate settings, private sessions, online, and in community settings. She believes that everyone should experience being in a body that is strong and mobile.

Sharon is passionate about the benefits of Pilates. Whether it is with beginners, intermediates, or advanced level students, Sharon’s watchful eye can zone in on the areas where you may need support. We know that you are in the expert and safe hands of Sharon.

Sharon McHugh

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