Music production and songwriting

Spring term 2024, Music production and songwriting

Tuesday:  Music production and songwriting
Time: 6.00pm-7.15pm
Start: 09.01.24
Duration: 8 weeks (no class on the 13.02.24)
Fee: 85 euro  (It is CDETB policy that refunds are only issued if a course does not form. Before booking, please see our terms and conditions page). Materials: laptop will be required. Students must download two free programmes – Reaper and Audacity prior to the first class.
Notes: All courses are subject to a minimum number in order to proceed. In the event that a course is oversubscribed, places will be offered on a first-booked, first-served basis and a waiting list will then be created. You will be contacted in this event.


Music production and songwriting


Throughout the course, students are encouraged to work on their own projects at home and provide opportunities for them to receive feedback and guidance. This eight-week plan provides a well-rounded introduction to audio engineering and songwriting, allowing students to create their own music through recording and some basic mastering.

This plan is designed to cover fundamental principles and skills in audio engineering and songwriting.

Week 1: introduction to audio engineering

Overview of the course, introduction to audio engineering and its role in music production, basic audio terminology, overview of audio equipment and software.

Weekly task: research and choose a song to work on throughout the course.

Week 2: recording techniques

Microphone types and usage, microphone placement and techniques, recording vocals and acoustic instruments, practical recording exercise.

Weekly task: record a short vocal or acoustic instrument track.

Week 3: song structure and composition

Introduction to songwriting and song structure, melody and harmony basics, lyric writing and storytelling in songs, group songwriting exercise.

Weekly task: write a short song with lyrics.

Week 4: mixing basics

Understanding the mixing process, introduction to digital audio workstations (DAWs), basic track editing and arrangement, introduction to signal processing (EQ, compression).

Weekly task: start mixing the recorded track.

Week 5: mixing techniques

Advanced mixing techniques (reverb, delay, panning), automating tracks for dynamic changes, working with virtual instruments and MIDI.

Weekly task: continue refining the mix.

Week 6: MIDI and virtual instruments

MIDI basics and MIDI controllers, exploring virtual instrument libraries, creating MIDI-based tracks in DAW, incorporating MIDI into your song.

Weekly task: Add a MIDI instrument to your song.

Week 7: effects and sound design

Sound design principles, using effects for creative sound manipulation, building soundscapes and atmospheres, sound design exercise.

Weekly task: create a unique sound or texture for your song.

Week 8: advanced production & mixing

Advanced vocal recording & processing (pitch correction, doubling, harmonies, vocal comping), addressing feedback and making final adjustments, introduction to mastering (loudness and quality standards for streaming services), setting up an independent label, organizing gigs, introduction to the custom music industry, promoting free-lance services (beat-making, mastering, sample packs, custom songs, sync deals).

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About your tutor: Shane Dunleavy, B.A. (music technology)

Shane was awarded first class honours for his B.A. in music technology from Maynooth University in 2019 for his EP dissertation project ‘Plethora’. Since graduating he has been touring Ireland’s live music scene and producing music full-time. His presence on the music scene has been noted by Hot Press Magazine, The AU Review, and Goldenplec. Most recently, he has ventured into the field of Sync Licensing, where his single ‘Too Late’ was used by Surfline in their short film ‘Out Front – Ireland’ as a soundtrack to showcase Ireland’s most prevalent professional surfers.

Additionally, he wrote the original soundtrack for the film ‘Where Will We Go’ that will screen at the Disappear Here Film Fest in Donegal.

Dunluvly is the work of Irish music producer and songwriter Shane Dunleavy. With roots in Folk Music, Traditional Irish Music, Indie Rock, and Jazz, Shane’s music production is adapted by the Dunluvly band for live performance. So far in 2023 the Dunluvly band closed out their first-ever headline tour, to return to the studio for the completion of a collection of new works and collaborations. With the band’s first international tour in the works, 2023 has seen to Dunluvly’s introduction to the Irish festival circuit. The band played at Whelan’s ‘Ones To Watch’ festival at the beginning of the year, and played at Electric Picnic’s Trailer Park in September of 2023. Shane operates as a free-lance producer & as a Music Production contractor for Songfinch, Songlorious and Tuneriver in Sync Licensing & Custom Song Production.


Music production and songwriting
Music production and songwriting




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