Spring term 2024, Mindfulness – an introductionBOOKING IS CLOSED FOR THIS COURSE.

Tuesday: Mindfulness – an introduction
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Start: 09.01.24
Duration: 8 weeks (no class on 13.02.24).
Fee: €95 (It is CDETB policy that refunds are only issued if a course does not form. Before booking, please see our terms and conditions page).

Notes: All courses are subject to a minimum number in order to proceed. In the event that a course is oversubscribed, places will be offered on a first-booked, first-served basis and a waiting list will then be created. You will be contacted in this event.


Mindfulness is a key way to protect your mental, emotional, and physical health. Learning strategies with an experienced tutor and with like-minded people over the course of eight weeks can help you to embed the practice into your daily life. Now, more than ever, is the time to look after yourself.

Week 1  Start where we  are

Introduction to the course, learning what is mindfulness and how it can benefit you, learning about our busy minds, experiencing techniques to help us settle our minds and learning how to set up a mindfulness practice.

Week 2 The body as a place to stay present

Reflecting on how disconnected we are from our bodies, learning practices which connect us with our bodies and tap into the wisdom of our bodies, using practices to explore kindness and what it means to us, introducing and examining the importance of kindness in mindfulness.

Week 3  Introducing mindfulness support

Exploring and learning about our distracted busy minds, introducing different supports to help us when we are practicing, learning a 3 minute breathing practice which can help us during difficult times.

Week 4 – Working with distraction

Exploring one of the biggest obstacles to mindfulness and learning how to work with it, examining our thoughts and the impact they have on us, learning how to use movement and walking practices to help us become more embodied.

Week 5 – Working with undercurrent

Delving deeper into our minds and learning more about our thought processes and patterns, becoming more aware of what we think, and how we act in the world, introducing loving-kindness and experiencing and how we can bring nourishment to ourselves and others.

Week 6Attitude of our observer

Investigating the attitude of our observer, and examining further how we think and act in the world.  Exploring our self-critic and learning practices to bring kindness and understanding to it.

Week 7 – Self acceptance & compassion

Examining why it is sometimes so hard to bring acceptance and love to ourselves.  Experiencing different practices which nurture understanding, acceptance & compassion both to ourselves, and others.

Week 8 – A mindfulness-based life

Reflection and sharing on what we have learnt and what we will bring into our lives, exploring how to live a mindful life, learning how to take care, & mind yourself, especially during challenging times.

About your tutor: Alicia O’Keeffe

nightschool-mindfulnessaliciaAlicia is an experienced mindfulness instructor. In her own words, her whole life has been a journey enquiring into life’s big questions. Her pursuit of these questions has led her to explore and study many different spiritual traditions and disciplines (philosophy, psychology, neuroscience etc.).

Alicia’s journey is still unfolding, and her passion is to share with others the experience and benefits of mindfulness and embodiment and what has helped her in life. Alicia has been specifically practicing mindfulness for over fourteen years. She completed mindfulness teacher training with The Mindfulness Association, UK. She is a member of the MTAI (Mindfulness Teachers Association, Ireland). Alicia is excited to bring the benefits of mindfulness to you so that you have the tools to help you live an even more embodied and nourishing life.


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