Lost and Found – 3rd Year Play

Inchicore College is delighted to present ‘Lost and Found’,  reframing of the story of MacHeath, the hero, the villain, the liar and the cheat by Helene Montague with Music by Kurt Weill.

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Lost and Found is a re framing of the story of the highwayman MacHeath, and his gang of men, Peachum, the thieftaker, his daughter Polly and all the murky underworld of London first heard of in John Gay’s ground -breaking play ‘The Beggar’s Opera ‘and re told in Berthold Brecht’s popular ‘The Threepenny Opera’

Neither of these were actually operas but plays with songs. In John Gays 1728 work he used popular tunes of the time. in Brecht’s 1928 version the wonderful composer Kurt Weill was commissioned to write the songs.

In our retelling we use music from both versions, including Mac the Knife, Pirate Jenny, the Solomon Song and If the Heart of a Man.

We set our production in the middle of nowhere, in a shop that offers things that are Lost and Found . here a group of people, seemingly strangers to each other, meet and begin to tell the story under the aegis of the shopkeeper The Boss.

Perhaps they have all been together before, perhaps other stories have been told, This story will be told today.

All the actors share roles.
Directed By Hélène Montague
Assistant Director Jack Scott Shanley
Movement Director Diane Richardson

In Smock Alley Boys School

March 20th Wednesday  8.00pm
March 21st Thursday, 8.00pm
March 22nd Friday, 8.00pm

March 23 rd Saturday, 3.30pm