Holistic Studies for Health & Well Being

Holistic Studies for Health & Well Being


Holistic Studies for Health & Well Being
Monday 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Cost: €150

This class is offered as part of Inchicore College’s Progressive Education program for the community. This 8 week course will offer a weekly workshop in the various aspects of true Well Being. Taking into account that our health and happiness are not solely about the physical health of the body alone.

Our mental, emotional and physical state of being are all interconnected and influence each other – as well as many other contributing factors; our relationships, our home & work environments and unconscious habits & patterns.

By learning daily practical tools such as meditation, mindfulness, proper breathing and so much more; we can take a proactive role in true well -being and self development in every aspect of our lives.

Each week will give a 2 hour experiential workshop on such topics as:

  • The link between the Physical and Energetic anatomy
  • Remove stress through the understanding of how energies work
  • Meditation Module for Stress Release & Emotional Healing
  • Learn the purpose, applications and benefits of meditation and how it can help you in your daily life personally and professionally.
  • Yogic breathing for health and vitality
  • The daily practice known as SuperBrain Yoga
  • Discover how energy affects you physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually
  • Simple but powerful techniques to keep emotionally calm and mentally clear in stressful situations/environments
  • The energetic approach to Healthy Relationships
  • Well Being for the home, workplace and classroom.

You will receive a certificate of completion for specific modules that can be used for personal development as well as ongoing professional training credits (Applicable to those in fields such as Education, Counselling, Childcare, Healthcare, Complementary Therapies and Public Relations to name a few).

The topics covered and techniques given can be applied in any professional environment and also in personal daily life.

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