Health & Wellbeing Week 2022


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We are excited to announce ICFE’s Health & Wellbeing week, starting next Monday the 17th of January.  We have a week full of great talks, activities, and events online and some offline.  We are inviting you to join us for any or all of the events and activities, all you need to do is log on to the daily webinar links found on the ICFE website, and if you have, any queries contact the guidance counsellor on


Monday 17th of January

11.00amRestore Connection in Challenging Times by Michelle Stowe, Restorative Practitioner, Trainer, Consultant and Researcher. 

This online workshop offers an introduction to Restorative Practice; seeking to RESTORE connection in challenging times.  We will explore how to build relationships through positive communication using our RESTORE themes;


Recognition – Cannot change what we do not acknowledge.

Empathy – Emotional intelligence is the biggest success factor in careers.

Safety – Calm is a superpower, from state to trait!

Trauma – Now a collective experience.

Opportunity – Conflict is not to be avoided – opportunity for connection.

Relationships – Are and always have been key!

Engagement – Inviting others to engage – all relationships involve risk!


Tuesday 18th

11-12.30pm: Level 6 Leadership & Conflict Management students contributing to ICFE Health & Wellbeing. (Activities and competition!)

3.00pm: Mindfulness for Student Wellbeing: by Susan O Regan, Mindfulness Teacher and Youth & Community Educator and Advocator.

This one-hour introductory session on zoom provides an opportunity to lean into and learn how to practice mindfulness meditation as well as learning some mindful tips to support time-management, organisational skills, and how to study more effectively.



3.00pmSelf-Care for FET Educators by Michelle Lowry, Jigsaw.  1-hour workshop to focus on Staff Self-Care with the following main objectives:

  • – Participants will have a greater understanding of what self-care is
  • – Have a greater understanding of the importance of self-care in their role as an educator
  • – Explore the challenges to supporting self-care practice
  • – Be more aware of their own self-care needs
  • – Be able to develop their own self-care plan.


Meeting ID: 856 5597 3610
Passcode: 153227

Wednesday 19th

11.00am:Small Steps Towards Living a Healthier, Happier Life’ (The Science and Philosophy of Happiness) by Stephen Mc Donald, Physiotherapist & Physical Therapist and OneBody Founder.

Stephen will give simple, practical yet powerful steps how to be healthier and happier in our daily lives.



12noon:  2-3-5K College Walk for Wellness by Tony O Reilly ICFE teacher and ICFE students/staff. Join

(Prizes for most interesting scenic photo)


Thursday 20th

11.00am:  ICAN Fashion Fix by Fionnuala Lynch ICAN (Inchicore Climate Action Network) Coordinator and Catherine Meresse ICFE teacher.

This 30-minute webinar will outline how Fast Fashion can contribute to a Healthy Planet.



11.30am-1.00pm: L5 Business HR Students contributing to ICFE Health & Wellbeing: (Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace: Advise, Tips and Support). Room to be confirmed.

1.00pm-3.00pm L5 Childcare Students contributing to ICFE Health & Wellbeing: (Trees for Health & Wellbeing). Room 2


Friday 21st

1.00pm:  Making Safer Sex Sexy by Dr Caroline West, Active Consent Outreach coordinator from the National University of Ireland Galway, Sex Columnist for Irish Independent and lecturer and media speaker on sex related topics.

This workshop provides the basics in keeping yourself safe during sex, and keeping it hot! It explains what sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are, how to protect yourself against them, how to manage a diagnosis and maintain your mental health.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Please note that all webinar links will be emailed to students and staff each morning and the webinar link can be accessed on the ICFE website (

Sinead and I hope you get some practical, useful and helpful support from this year’s Health & Wellbeing week. Enjoy!