Chinese language and culture for beginners

Spring term 2024, Chinese language and culture for beginners. BOOKING IS CLOSED FOR THIS COURSE.

Tuesday: Chinese language and culture for beginners
Time: 6.00pm-7.15pm
Start: 09.01.24
Duration: 8 weeks (no class on the 13.02.24)
Fee: 85 euro  (It is CDETB policy that refunds are only issued if a course does not form. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information).
Notes: All courses are subject to a minimum number in order to proceed. In the event that a course is oversubscribed, places will be offered on a first-booked, first-served basis and a waiting list will then be created. You will be contacted in this event.


Chinese language and culture for beginners

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to Mandarin Chinese language and culture. Students do not need any prior knowledge of the language as this course is designed to take students through the fundamental tones and sounds of standard Mandarin Chinese. By the end of this course, students will be able to introduce themselves, hold basic conversations and confidently read and write Chinese characters. The culture content of the classes will cover a different aspect of Chinese culture, to prepare students who with to travel, study or work in China, or for those who just have an interest on modern Chinese life.
Week 1
Language module content: Hello • Saying hello, Introducing yourself • Introduction to Chinese phonology.
Culture content: Travel in China.
Week 2
Language module content: What is your name? • Talking about nationality – Asking where you are from • Negating sentences.
Culture content: Chinese food.
Week 3
Language module content: She is my teacher • Talking about your family • Introducing the possessive particle • Question word ?/Who?
Culture content: Confucianism and Taoism – Chinese philosophies.
Week 4
Language module content: How many are in your family? • Asking about someone’s age • ‘?’ – Change of stage • The interrogative phrase ‘?+?‘ • Counting
Culture content: ‘Gaokao’ – The pressures of the Chinese Leaving Certificate.
Week 5
Language module content: My hobbies • Expressing your hobbies • Sports, music, travel vocabulary.
Culture content: Chinese Music.
Week 6
Language module content: I can speak Chinese • Using ?/? to express ability • Using ?? to ask how to do something.
Culture content: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, language differences and history.
Week 7
Language module content: What date is it today? • Learning how to say the date • World holiday vocabulary (Christmas, New Years etc.).
Culture content: Business culture in China.
Week 8
Language module content: Revision class.
Culture content: Love and marriage in China.


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About your tutor: Aedín McConnell M.A. Chinese studies, M.A. International relations, B.A. German and Chinese language studies

Chinese language and culture for beginners

Aedín has both an undergraduate degree in Chinese studies and an M.A. in Chinese Studies from Maynooth University. She has also obtained the HSK (official Chinese language proficiency exam) level 5 (advanced level). She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge of the Mandarin Chinese language and culture with people.

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