Student Supports

Student Supports

Applicants with Special Needs

The College is an equal opportunities institution and welcomes and encourages applications from students with special needs. It is College policy to attempt to provide appropriate support and help for students with physical disability or specific learning problems within the limits of available resources. Applicants with special needs should contact the admissions office well in advance to discuss any special requirements that they may have in the event that they are enrolled in the College. In some cases it may not be possible to meet the needs of all applicants.

Equal Opportunities

Inchicore College is committed to equal opportunities and anti-discrimination in its policies and procedures. The College is committed to making adequate provision, within the resources provided, for learning and disability supports, guidance and counselling to enable students to participate in all its activities. Inchicore College will strive to foster inclusivity and respect and to be anti-discriminatory towards all communities and groups.

Course Directors

Each Further Education course has a Course Director. As well as dealing with the overall administration of the day to day running of the programme, the Director is available to discuss progress on the Course and to advise on personal and academic matters.

Guidance Counselling Service

The College offers students a comprehensive Guidance Counselling Service. This service provides help in the areas of career guidance, personal and educational support. The service encourages students to make informed decisions about career choice and planning and the successful completion of their course.

Learning Support

The college provides a learning support service for learners with specific learning needs such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.